If you are about to head off on holiday here are some tips to look after your back while you are away…


  • You don’t have to fill your suitcase! Pack light if you can and use a case with good wheels!

  • Lift carefully, especially after long journeys when your back may have stiffened and will be much more vulnerable to injury.



  • This usually involves sitting and standing for long periods so vary your position as much as possible. If sitting improvise cushions from clothing and blankets to vary your sitting position. If standing (in a queue for example) try resting one foot on something (like a piece of luggage) which will take the pressure off your low back.

  • Get up and move around as much as possible. It really will make a difference.

  • If you are driving take some time to set up your driving position before you leave. Look at our short video for some tips on this HERE.

  • Resist the temptation to tackle long drives without a break, and when you stop at services park as far away as possible so you are forced to walk further.

When You Arrive

  • Check your mattress. You can soften a hard mattress by putting a blanket or extra duvet on top of it. If it’s too soft consider putting it on the floor.

  • Ask for extra pillows if you need them or use towels to increase pillow height and support.

Sun loungers

  • Before you get too engrossed in that thriller, make sure that you are comfortable! Lying on your tummy (like the lady in the picture) can cause serious irritation to the joints of the low back and unfortunately you may not know that you are developing problems until it’s too late.

  • Change your position often to avoid problems and use rolled up towels for back and neck support.


Flip flops and crocs are great for the pool but your toes have to grip to keep them on (which is brilliantly illustrated in this photo!) If you plan to do a lot of walking or sightseeing pack shoes with a good shock absorbing sole and straps or laces.


Last but not least…Stay Calm and Enjoy Yourself!

Holidays are notoriously stressful! Try and stay relaxed no matter what…it is your hard earned break after all!

If you have any niggles before you go away come and see us so we can help you back to health before your trip.

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