*Do you think that you got enough sleep this week?

*Can you remember the last time you woke up feeling refreshed, without craving caffeine?

If you answered “no” to either of these questions you are not alone. Scientists at Oxford University claim that we get 1-2 hours less sleep every night than we did 60 years ago. Those lost couple of hours sleep could be crucial. The Surrey Sleep Research Centre found that after just one week with restricted sleep, distortions were seen in 711 genes!

Genes associated with inflammation, stress, cardio vascular disease and cancer had INCREASED activity, whilst genes associated with immune system function and metabolism DECREASED activity.

As Osteopaths we are interested in sleep patterns

because lack of sleep leads to increased pain signals &


Sleep deprivation (even a few hours each day) increases your risk of…

  • chronic pain
  • type 2 diabetes
  • being overweight
  • decreased cognitive ability
  • poor performance at work
  • being involved in a road traffic accident
  • anxiety, depression and psychiatric disorders
  • developing Alzheimer’s disease
  • developing Cardiovascular disease

The good news is that we can all take steps to improve our sleep!

Check out our blog “Top Tips for a Good nights sleep” to find out how.

Dr Rangan Chatterjee’s books have great information on sleep and other healthy lifestyle interventions.

The 4 Pillar Plan, Dr Rangan Chatterjee

The Stress Solution, Dr Rangan Chatterjee


His podcast is brilliant too. Try this one where he interviews Matthew Walker, a sleep expert.



Other references

Why We Sleep. Matthew Walker


Blog Author - PIA MUDALIAR BSc (Ost)

Pia qualified with a degree in Osteopathy in 1994 and set up the P.O.C. with Mike a few years later. She worked as an osteopath until the birth of her second son, when she took a career break, returning to work as a massage therapist in 2008. She has since completed further training in medical acupuncture, TMJ massage, and a 200 hour yoga teacher training.

Pia has a unique style. Her background in osteopathy means she can offer a professional and clinical approach, whilst her years of experience and high levels of empathy enable her to work intuitively. Each therapy session is tailor made to the individual, using techniques ranging form effleurage to deeper soft tissue and fascial release, joint articulation and muscle energy technique.

Pia can provide treatment for specific symptomatic areas or for deep relaxation.