Menopause Yoga – What to expect

Each class is designed to address the physical, mental and emotional changes we can experience (typically in our 40’s and 50’s,) as our hormones fluctuate and diminish.

All classes are accessible, with more challenging options offered as required, and incorporate 5 key elements: Breathwork, joint mobilisation, flowing movements, calming restorative poses, reflection and women’s circle.


We will start each class with some mindful breathing. Understanding our breathing patterns has so many benefits. It can help with the menopausal symptoms of hot flushes, insomnia, anxiety and mood changes, as well as stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system to reduce our stress response.

Joint Mobilisation

As our estrogen levels drop our joints feel less lubricated and we are more prone to aches, pains and inflammation. In class we will focus on specific joints depending on the class theme. Moving them through each of their ranges of movement, sweeping the joint surfaces with synovial fluid and waking up the nerves in the muscles and ligaments which control and support our joints.

These movements also help us to develop our sense of ‘interoception’ which is important in helping us feel and understand what is going on in our bodies.

Flowing Movements

It feels wonderful to move in a flowing way. The nervous system calms down and we start to make ‘feel good’ hormones. We will move through a variety of yoga poses, with some long holds to help us build muscle strength and maintain bone density which is so important as we age.

Calming Restorative Poses

Often there isn’t time for these in a yoga class, but it is so important to find time for stillness in our menopausal years, especially after exertion. Stress makes menopausal symptoms so much worse but learning how to destress and take time out for yourself is easier said then done! This is a chance to practise 😉

Reflection and Women’s Circle

In both the menopause teacher trainings I did I learnt so much from the experiences of other women in the group. This is a chance to share with and learn from other women (but don’t worry, there is no obligation to speak if you don’t want to).