Plympton Osteopathic Clinic has been providing safe and effective osteopathic treatment and massage therapy in Plymouth for over 20 years! If you’re looking for a registered and experienced osteopath, then they would love to help. In this blog, we speak to massage therapist, Pia Mudaliar, about her love of her job, the benefits of osteopathy and massage therapy, and what to expect when you visit the clinic.

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Massage Therapist, Pia Mudaliar

“I really love my job! No two clients are the same and I enjoy finding out about my clients’ lives and medical histories so that I can tailor my massage techniques to suit their needs.

I originally trained as an Osteopath studying anatomy, physiology, pathology and clinical skills for four years. This has enabled me to visualise the structures I am massaging under my hands and how muscle and fascial chains connect.  I am also able to sense the health of your tissues, whether or not they feel strong or weak, energetic or tired, and treat them accordingly.”

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What to Expect During Your Massage Treatment

“When I see someone for the first time, I like to spend a few minutes chatting so that I am aware of your expectations and know about your hobbies, work, lifestyle and medical history. This helps me tune in to your needs.

I use towels and pillows to ensure that you are comfortable.

Although most people lie on their tummy and back for the session, I have several clients who are more comfortable on their side and it is no problem for me to work this way too.

Feel Relaxed During Your Session

“Massage is most effective when the nervous system is calm, so I want you to feel relaxed during the session. I play soft music and won’t chat unless you want me to. This puts your body into a healing state, and if I need to work more deeply, your body is less likely to ‘fight back’ and is much more responsive.”

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An Unexpected Benefit of Massage

“Often people say “I didn’t know that hurt!” It can be surprising how little awareness we have about the state of our bodies.

Our brains have ‘body maps’ that monitor our movements and sensations. They help us to control where our body is in space, whether it is balanced and whether the joints are stable.

If we don’t move in new and challenging ways these maps can become vague, and those messages about your body become muffled. Massage is an excellent way to fine-tune our awareness and make a more detailed body map.

Having a more detailed ‘body map’ helps us move efficiently, recognise when our bodies are stressed and respond accordingly, before any real damage happens.”

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Massage Therapy at Plympton Osteopathic Clinic

“There is absolutely no judgement when you see me. I enjoy massaging every type of body! If I have any concerns that my massage isn’t the right treatment for you I will let you know and signpost you in the right direction.

I am also passionate about the benefits of yoga, and am happy to share exercise advice with you at the end of the session, if that interests you. Please note, 1 to 1 yoga sessions coming soon!”

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Thinking of Booking a Massage Treatment?

Why not choose Plympton Osteopathic Clinic for your osteopathic treatment or massage therapy? They are experienced, trusted, professional Osteopaths, based in Plympton, Plymouth. The team provide safe and effective osteopathic treatment and massage therapies for a range of conditions. If you need help with aches and pains or have an injury, including sports injuries, they can help get you back on track

To find out more about their osteopathic treatment or massage therapy services, call the team or visit our contact page to get in touch.