What could be better than giving someone a gift to improve their health!
Here are some unusual gift suggestions for inspiration…

Health advice can be confusing and overwhelming.
This book is a simple introduction to healthy lifestyle explaining how to make healthy changes in 4 key areas…
relaxation, diet, movement and sleep.

Available on Amazon for £10.80

If you haven’t got a massage therapist on hand…these little massage balls are great to ease tension in those hard to reach places!

3 sizes to suit the tiny muscles in the hands feet and jaw, up to the larger muscles of the legs and back.

Available here for about £15.

Do you know someone who would enjoy a massage, or benefit from osteopathic treatment?

We offer gift vouchers which we can post to you, or email if time is short, for relaxation and remedial massage (£35), sports massage or osteopathy (£40).

To purchase email Pia at the clinic [email protected]

Something for the foodies! How about a gift voucher from Riverford. There is something for everyone from seasonal organic veg to local cheeses,wine and delicious sweet treats. Even cookery classes! and all with the emphasis on health and sustainability.


Kefir is a creamy probiotic drink similar to drinking yoghurt. It’s great for gut health and is easy to make yourself at home. There are kits available which make great gifts, and are great to get kids interested in cooking and healthy eating.

Kefir Home basic Starter Kit-with Milk or Water Grains

Here is an idea for that person who spends hours on the computer, or has trouble sleeping.

Blue light blocking glasses can help with eye strain, and encourage better sleep. (See our blog.)

We have used these which work well!


Here is an idea for someone who has trouble sleeping at night or maybe wakes with a stiff neck.

How about a neck pillow which will support the head and neck throughout the night and can work wonders for neck pain sufferers.

We stock 3 different styles at the clinic so we have something for everyone, and you can ‘try before you buy’. They are quite an expensive purchase (£60) but I have used one for years and wouldn’t be without it!

Email us if you would like information on how to borrow a ‘test pillow’.

[email protected]



This is something for sufferers of SAD or those with the winter blues!

Lumie lights deliver a dose of bright light, proven to improve energy, put you in a better mood and make you feel more awake.

We have the alarm clock, which gives you your own mini sunrise in the bedroom. It makes waking up in the winter so much easier. I highly recommend trying one if you struggle to get out of bed in the mornings.

(You don’t have to buy new…there are usually bargains to be had on ebay!)

A client of mine told me about this hot water bottle with a difference!

It’s called a “Body Bottle.”

75cm long with a strap, so perfect for soothing low back aches, stiff necks and sore tummies.

This one is available at Argos, and no doubt lots of other stores too.



Hopefully you have found a few ideas here! I have only mentioned gifts that I truly believe can help to improve wellbeing.

We all have so much ‘stuff’ these days though so please choose gifts carefully to minimise waste.

So my last idea is to gift a hug. Maybe not just a quick squeeze but a really long one, lasting for several minutes. You will be gifting a lowered heart rate, and increased happy hormones, not just to the person you are hugging, but also to yourself. What could be better 🙂

Blog Author – PIA MUDALIAR BSc (Ost)

Pia qualified with a degree in Osteopathy in 1994 and set up the P.O.C. with Mike a few years later. She worked as an osteopath until the birth of her second son, when she took a career break, returning to work as a massage therapist in 2008. She has since completed further training in medical acupuncture, TMJ massage, and a 200 hour yoga teacher training.

Pia has a unique style. Her background in osteopathy means she can offer a professional and clinical approach, whilst her years of experience and high levels of empathy enable her to work intuitively. Each therapy session is tailor made to the individual, using techniques ranging form effleurage to deeper soft tissue and fascial release, joint articulation and muscle energy technique.

Pia can provide treatment for specific symptomatic areas or for deep relaxation.