Try these routines to mobilise your wrists, and stretch and strengthen the muscles in your forearms and hands. 

As always, listen to your body. Move with care, don’t compare yourself to others and stop if you feel pain, or if your breathing becomes strained.

If you practice yoga, consider running through the sequence below whilst waiting for your yoga class to start.

This 1st sequence is done on hands and knees. Use a folded blanket on your mat if you would prefer a softer surface.



This next sequence is a bit longer and takes your wrists through all their ranges of movement with some passive stretches and a bit of strengthening thrown in.

It’s all done sitting, so make yourself comfortable, either sitting on a cushion on the floor, on an upright chair, or maybe on the edge of your bed if it’s at a comfortable height.

Go gently to begin with, especially if your wrists feel particularly vulnerable at the moment.

There is a natural break about 6 minutes in, so you could stop here if the movements feel quite strong, and revisit the sequence another day.

Let me know how you get on!